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Thank You for a Successful Opening Day!

Opening Day 2015

Thank you!


On behalf of the SRVLL Board of Directors, a hearty THANK YOU to all our SRVLL friends, families, sponsors, and partners. From the wonderful food presented by Big Kahuna, to the SRVLL teen and adult umpires, to sponsors EJ Sports and Shooting Stars Photos, to the fields and grounds crew, to the dozens of volunteers, and especially to the baseball players and their families, you all helped make Opening Day 2015 one of the best yet.

Stay tuned for more photos from the day. If you have any you'd like to share, please send them to .




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Positive Parenting Workshop
Dear SRVLL Parents: The SRVLL Board of Directors continues...
Attention all umpires (and potential umpires)
If you are at least league age 13, you are eligible to train and...
Positive Parenting Workshop

Dear SRVLL Parents:

The SRVLL Board of Directors continues to offer player and parent development options to our member families. We feel very strongly about the importance of youth sports and in helping to shape the culture within youth sports. As such, we have partnered with Danville Little League and Tassajara Valley Little league to offer you a live workshop hosted by the Positive Coaching Alliance, a non-profit organization that seeks to promote fair competition along with life lessons through youth sports.   

THE SECOND-GOAL PARENT®: Developing Winners in Life Through Sports draws from the Double-Goal Coach model (winning and life lessons) to help parents focus on the second goal, ensuring their children gain the higher value of youth and high school sports regardless of scoreboard results.


Date/Time: March 25, 2015 @7:30 pm

Location: Sycamore Main Clubhouse in Danville (635 Old Orchard Drive, Danville)

* * * * * * * * * *

Please join us for this very important event!

Thank you,

SRVLL Board of Directors

by posted 03/06/2015
Attention all umpires (and potential umpires)

If you are at least league age 13, you are eligible to train and become a San Ramon Valley Little League umpire. Umpiring is a great way to stay involved with our wonderful league, have fun, and earn some $$.

Training begins in January. Our first meeting is January 7, 2015, at 7:00pm in the Multi-Purpose Room of Los Cerros Middle School. This is our annual orientation meeting and everyone, both new and veteran umpires, should attend. All the forms you need to fill out will be available.

New umpires must complete: (1) the paperwork, (2) rules training, (3) field mechanics clinic and (4) pass the rules test.

Returning umpires must complete: (1) the paperwork and (2) pass the rules test.

Rules training will be each Wednesday evening, 7:00pm to 8:00pm sharp, January 14 through February 4, 2015. All new umpires must attend, and returning umpires should attend so that they will pass the rules test. The rules test will be administered at 7:00pm, at Los Cerros on February 11. 

Our field mechanics clinic for new umpires will probably take place on Saturday, February 7, 2015.

If you're interested, please email Robert Ward, SRVLL Umpire in Chief, at



Thanks very much, and Happy Thanksgiving.


by posted 11/25/2014

Town of Danville Field Status Hotline

(925) 314-3484

Field Status
Alamo AAA - blacktop - Alamo OPEN (4/27) 
Alamo Field (Rookie) - Alamo OPEN (4/27) 
Alamo School (AAA) - Alamo OPEN (4/27) 
Alamo School Cages - Alamo OPEN (4/27) 
Green Valley (Farm) - Danville OPEN (4/27) 
Green Valley Farm -Grass - Danville OPEN (4/27) 
Los Cerros 1 - Danville OPEN (4/27) 
Los Cerros 2 - Danville OPEN (4/27) 
Los Cerros Batting Cages - Danville OPEN (4/27) 
Los Cerros- Blacktop - Danville OPEN (4/27) 
MV JV FIELD - Danville OPEN (4/27) 
Rudgear Park - Walnut Creek OPEN (4/27) 
St. Isidore - Danville OPEN (4/27) 
Stone Valley - Backstop - Alamo OPEN (4/27) 
Stone Valley - Blacktop - Alamo OPEN (4/27) 
Stone Valley 1 - Alamo OPEN (4/27) 
Stone Valley 2 - Alamo OPEN (4/27) 
Stone Valley 3 - Alamo OPEN (4/27) 
Sycamore Park, Field 3 - Danville OPEN (4/27) 
Vista Grande Elementary - Danville OPEN (4/27) 
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